A Terrible Risk

A hole in the ground, shared by up to 50 people, can become a source of disease. Waste matter can get into the drinking water with terrible consequences.

No Piped Water

This whole area of Malawi is so poor that there is no piped water. So no flush for toilets. The team had to find an answer before they could start work.

The Ecodome

The answer came with EcoDomes - an EcoDome works without water, providing clean, safe sanitation. Each EcoDome can serve 30 people for up to 5 years.


Ecodomes needed to be bought

Helped by kind friends and organisations, the Umoyo Orphan Project soon managed to obtain funds for this vital project.

Local Labour Recruited

Self-help is one of the guiding principles of the Umoyo Orphan Project, so local people helped with the brick construction. Training was given and work started with construction of the Ecodome underground chamber.

Everybody lent a hand

Everybody - villagers, committee members,young and old - took part. Some made bricks, others carried them, yet more people carried cement, sand and water. All in a temperature of 36º.

First class workmanship

Standards of work were excellent. Mr Lion, the headman, led an enthusiastic and able workforce. A complete Ecodome structure took just five days from start to finish.

Mission Accomplished!

The result of efforts was the completion of five Ecodomes which will make a huge difference to the health and well-being of a complete cluster of villages in this remote area.