A horrible water source

This muddy pool, shared by animals, was the only source of water for a whole group of villagers.

It had to be better

This was no way for a group of people to find water for all their drinking and washing.

It had to be nearer

We had to find somewhere much nearer to the place where these people lived.


It had to be soon

As a matter of urgency, we had to find these people a better source of water, a source which meant they didn't have to store water all day.

Raising funds

Events were used to raise money and individuals also subscribed. The need was so obvious that quite soon we had sufficient funds for our purpose. .

A site was found

A source of water was found much nearer to the villagers. A borehole was sunk and the site prepared.

The pump installed

Funded by the Umoyo Orphan Project and installed by the villagers themselves, the new pump provided all that was needed.

Another success!

Another success, thanks to the generosity of those who gave money for this scheme. Comparatively little given in the UK can mean so much in Malawi. Now we urgently need more of these pumps.