Education is vital

The future development of Malawi depends on more widespread education.

But many are excluded

Unfortunately secondary education in Malawi is fee-paying. Few families in this area can afford the fees.

Sustained sponsorship required

It was decided to sponsor students but this had to be on-going, supporting the student throughout the years at secondary school.


Standing orders provide the answer

We asked people to set up standing orders. Regular giver Brad Cutter says: "By making a small monthly donation we can permanently change the lives of others."

Primary and Secondary Education

The Umoyo Orphan Project has already sponsored numerous students - and continues to do so; including the provision of fees, schoolbooks, stationery and uniforms.

Further Education

We have already sponsored a number of students for both college and university education; continuing to support them for the duration of their courses.

Each year, with effect from 2012, we are offering sponsorship for two additional placements in Higher Education, inviting applications from suitable students on a competitive basis. Conditions of acceptance will include students being required to fulfil initial strict contractual criteria, followed by evidence of attendance, commitment and satisfactory examination results, in order to qualify for ongoing support. 

Much more help needed

We need money to support many more children through their secondary education and, hopefully, through university. It costs just £10 a month to provide fees, books and uniform for each child. Please contact us if you would like to support our students by means of a monthly Standing Order.