The Buildings

The one primary school in the area had buildings which limited the amount of teaching which could be done. One building was in such bad condition that it could not be used at all in the rainy season. As a result, some children had to miss classes because they could not be fitted in. 

The Classrooms

There was no furniture in the classrooms - no desks, no seats. The children sat on the floor or on logs scattered around. There was nowhere to keep their school books and papers.

Finding the Money

The challenge was to raise the money at a time when "austerity" was beginning to bite. But with enormous efforts all round, and with the help of generous organizations and Riverhead Infants' School, Sevenoaks, we met the target. 

Bricks from Local Clay

Enormous savings were achieved when it was found that bricks could be made locally from riverside clay. That and the fact that the villagers themselves undertook construction meant that the project could be completed in time and within budget.

Waterproof Classroom at Last!

The new building was completed early in 2012 and will be invaluable for teaching purposes for years ahead. Education is a vital necessity here in Malawi and this is just one small step towards making higher standards a reality.

Desks and Chairs

The money also allowed us to buy proper desks and chairs for the new classroom. These were made by the village carpenter. It is now well kitted out.

Enjoying School!

Here in this part of Malawi the children are surprisingly keen to learn and look forward to school. And they are all delighted with their new classroom.