How To Donate

You can donate by posting a cheque to us at:

149 Upper Richmond Road, 
SW15 2TX

The Way We Operate

We believe that it is very important that any donation given to Umoyo is used for the purposes that it is intended and not swallowed up in administrative costs.

You can be confident that any donation given to Umoyo is used wisely and effectively.

All the Trustees and Committee members are volunteers and give their time freely. There are also a network of friends of Umoyo who help in many ways and give their time freely we have no paid employees.

The Umoyo Committee works in partnership with the organising committee in Njebwa. Significant savings are made to the costs of projects because labour is given freely, for example the community will be making the bricks for the new school

Payments are made directly to service providers and are not passed through third parties e.g. school fees are paid directly to the school

Administrative and fund raising costs are kept to a minimum.Wherever possible donations are maximised by the recovery of tax through Gift Aid

Umoyo was given a specific donation from a Trust to cover initial start up costs.