Umoyo Orphan Project is a UK registered charity which funds specific projects in a dedicated area in Northern Malawi. We work very closely with the local communities to identify possible projects that will enable these people to be self-reliant in future. We promote community based care of those orphaned by HIV-AlDs as we believe this is the best way to uphold the importance of the extended family, a very big aspect of life in that area. More than 90% of money raised, goes directly on projects as UOP is run by volunteers.


Vision, Mission and Values


An environment in which all children and adults have the access to education and training that provides an opportunity for personal development and growth.


To relieve hardship
To eliminate the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS
To improve quality of
life for those affected by HIV/AIDS
To facilitate education

We do this by making grants to
• Provide school fees and educational resources
• Improve infrastructure and
• Build schools, community centres and accommodation


Everyone has the right to:
• Be treated with respect
• Live in a healthy and safe environment
• Be empowered to live an independent life
• An education
• Equality of opportunity



Umoyo Orphan project was registered as a charity in England & Wales in 2008

Registered charity No 1124720